• 1. How do I get money into my account?


    Paypal is the quickest and most convenient. If you have a Bank of America or Wells Fargo account then a person to person transfer can be done with no charge. You can also use Popmoney or Chase Quick Pay. Email us for account details.

  • 2. How do I get it out?


    You make an email request to the site and I will send you your money any way you like. You will first have to transfer chips from your account to mine (ClayListon). After doing that I will cash you out for that amount. The reason for the transfer is so there is a record of the amount to be cashed in the system. To transfer, in the Lobby click Account/Transfer Chips.

  • 3. Can I transfer money from my account to a friend?


    Yes, provided you have funds in your account, you can transfer to any other user. To transfer, in the Lobby click Account/Transfer Chips.

  • 4. Can I have my own game or tourney on your site?


    Yes, you are welcome to setup your own tournament or cash game. Email me at the site and we’ll work out the game parameters for you.

  • 5. Can I use my money in my account to place a bet     on Bookiebuddy?


    You’re welcome to take funds from Bookiebuddy Poker and use them toward a bet on Bookiebuddy. If you don’t have an account on Bookiebuddy, we will create one with your poker username/password. You will then follow the same procedure as cashing out. You will need to transfer the amount back to us (ClayListon account) and we transfer that over to your Bookiebuddy sports account.

For any questions/complaints/feedback about online poker.

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